the best finds for maximizing space(and decreasing stress) during the holidays

Lisa Zaslow Professional organizer is a bit of a misnomer for New York City based Lisa Zaslow, the founder of Gotham Organizers. She's really more of a shrink. When she sets about corralling the chaos—either in a home or an office—she doesn't just arbitrarily put things in their place. Instead, she really studies the behavior patterns, predilections, and preferences of her clients, ensuring that the system she establishes while jive with the way they tend to do things. For example, if someone collects recipes, but isn't naturally inclined to transfer them to a recipe card and file them away, she'd establish a bin- or binder-based solution for controlling the chaos, instead. Even if you don't need an entire home overhaul, it's safe to say that everyone needs more room when the holidays arrive: Whether it's space in the fridge, in the guest room, or in the hall closet. We tapped Zaslow for a list of things to maximize space when you're entertaining a crowd.

Signature Slim Coat Hangers Signature Slim Coat Hangers

How to fit all those guest coats in your hall closet? My favorite coat hangers take up less space than standard hangers and provide more support than other slim hangers. A matching set of hangers makes a good first impression on visitors — and will make you happy whenever you open your closet.

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Commercial Garment Racks Commercial Garment rack

Still need more space for guest coats? This clothes rack work horse is way classier than throwing jackets on the bed. (Now you don't have to spend time cleaning your bedroom!) This also serves as a temporary closet for house guests, makes it super easy to swap your seasonal wardrobe, and collapses flat for easy storage when you don't need it.

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Fridge Binz Fridge Binz

Utilize wasted "vertical space" between fridge shelves with these stacking bins.

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Set of 12 Boxed 10.5-inch Dinner Plates Set of 12 Boxed 10.5"
Dinner Plates

Unobtrusive enough to play well with whatever dishes you have.

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Dinner Plates
Brown crocodile gift tote Brown crocodile gift tote

Simplify your holiday wrapping with gift bags. This croc-printed tote is nicer than some gifts!

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Ziploc Space Bag 5-piece Cube Combo Set Ziploc Space Bag 5-piece
Cube Combo Set

Make room for fall and winter clothes by stashing summer stuff in less space. These are also great for storing guest linens.

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Combo Set
Snapware Christmas Ornament Storage Box Snapware Christmas
Ornament Storage Box

Protect and make it easy to find your ornaments, no matter how disorganized the rest of your basement or attic might be. Have more than fit into a box or two? Consider paring down.

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Storage Box
XL Dish Drying Mat XL Dish Drying Mat

The next-best thing to having an extra dishwasher to handle the additional tableware you'll be using when hosting holiday festivities — this large drying mat folds up to almost nothing when you don't need it.

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Blacksmith Shoe/Boot tray Blacksmith Shoe/Boot tray

Cut down on cleaning — keep a boot tray by the front door for wet/dirty/snowy footwear.

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Rubbermaid Wheeled Cooler Rubbermaid Wheeled Cooler

How to fit the turkey, ham, and all the trimmings in the fridge? Stash less perishable condiments and other foods in a cooler.

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