The Best Gifts ForUnder $100

Let's be honest: Save for a handful of family VIPs, there are very few people who justify a hugely expensive holiday gift. We've rounded up the best options to please the crowds, without breaking the bank.

Hone Hone for iPhone and iPad

As it name implies, it’s a device that’ll literally hone in to your missing keys. Specifically, it’s a Bluetooth 4.0 device that you attach to your keys, and when combined with its iOS app, you’ll be able to track them down.

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Skootcase Skootcase

It's a suitcase and a scooter. What kid is not going to love this, we ask?

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Fuuvi Pick Camera Fuuvi Pick Camera

The Fuuvi Pick Camera takes your traditional USB card reader to shame. Great for kids who are looking to explore their visual creative side, "the Pick" shoots both still images and movies and recharges directly through your computer.

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Clean Bottle The Square Stainless-Steel Water Bottle The Square Stainless
Steel Water Bottle

Guaranteed for life, Clean Bottle's stainless steel packs a big punch. The 100% BPA-free construction and square shape prevent it from rolling away when dropped, both ends unscrew for an easier cleaning and drying process, and 10% of all profits are donated to eco-friendly charities.

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Stainless-Steel Water Bottle
Kanex mySpot Kanex Myspot Pocket-size
Access Point

When traveling, weak or over-loaded Wi-Fi signals in hotel or conference rooms can be aggravating. The pocket-sized Kanex MySpot transforms a single Ethernet connection into a wireless hotspot, allowing up to 16 different devices to be connected at once.

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Image 3D Set Image 3D Set

Those 3D View-Masters from your childhood are back, only this time you can run seven personal photos through the eyepiece for a creative trip down memory lane. The nostalgic experience is brought to you by Image3D, a company founded by Rich Dubnow, the lead photographer for View-Master for 20 years.

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Belkin WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit Belkin WeMo Switch and
WeMo Motion Kit

With Belkin Wemo Switch you can turn your home electronics on or off from anywhere in the world! All this is done remotely from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Motion Kit
Cat Scratch DJ Deck Toy Cat Scratch DJ Deck Toy

Don't be jealous when you figure out your cat is a better DJ than you are! This deck comes flat-packed and folds together with a poseable tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws at it.

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HDMX Jam Wireless Speaker HDMX Jam Wireless Speaker

Enjoy your jams just about anywhere from the living room to the back deck with this sleek, portable and rechargeable Bluetooth wireless speaker.

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Chef'sChoice® Waffle Cone Express Maker Chef'sChoice® Waffle
Cone Express Maker

Add an extra homemade touch to your ice cream socials with Edgecraft's two-minute Waffle Cone Maker. The consummate host will certainly appreciate this pure novelty appliance.

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Express Maker