Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

You've made your list and checked it twice—time to make sure no stocking goes un-stuffed.
These little treasures prove that good things really do come in small packages.

  • Argyle socks

    Grandma had it right with this wintertime essential: When the temps are in the single digits they'll be grateful for an extra pair. Shop Now >>

  • Gourmet chocolate

    Gourmet chocolate

    A decadent last-minute treat (no shame in grabbing one for yourself, too). Shop Now >>

  • Retro handset

    The punchy color and retro vibe are sure to impress even the most hard-to-please gift recipient. Shop Now >>

  • Slap Watch

    It may be silly and not exactly practical, but the nod to our school days will be greatly appreciated. Shop Now >>

  • USB Drive keychain

    Its cuteness is rivaled only by its functionality: This handy bauble will make the gadget-geek in your life beam with joy. Shop Now >>

  • Martini Shaker

    Holiday gatherings are the perfect excuse to hone your mixology skills: Start by serving up the ultimate martini – shaken, not stirred. Shop Now >>

  • Lip balm

    The perfect teensy add-on to guarantee a moisturized, mistletoe-ready pout. Shop Now >>

  • Fancy Soap

    This multi-purpose gift (use it for hand-washing or perfuming the linen closet) comes pre-wrapped in display-worthy packaging.Shop Now >>

  • Sleep mask

    Sleep mask

    The best part about being home for the holidays? Plenty of well-deserved nap time. Shop Now >>

  • Card case

    Card case

    A sleek, candy-colored pouch is a nifty alternative to the traditional card case.Shop Now >>

  • Polaroid camera

    Polaroid camera

    All the slickness of a digital camera with the instant gratification factor of an old-school Polaroid guarantees no special moment will go un-captured. Shop Now >>

  • Travel set

    Holiday travel is notoriously tricky - arm them with all these TSA-approved essentials for a seamless trip home.Shop Now >>

  • Holiday greeting cards

    Holiday greeting cards

    Bring back the art of letter writing with these festive cards.Shop Now >>

  • Convertible mittens

    Convertible mittens

    Old-world charm meets modern day practicality – no need to take these off to send a well-wishing text!Shop Now >>

  • Journal

    Whether jotting down the shopping list or the first chapter of your novel, a classic journal is always good to have on hand. Shop Now >>

  • Mug

    Put a smile (or a 'stash) on the face of your loved ones with a silly mug - essential for sipping hot cocoa on a chilly afternoon. Shop Now >>

  • Coasters

    These colorful disks look super stylish while protecting surfaces from the unsightly stains that go hand-in-hand with holiday entertaining. Shop Now >>

  • Silly stamps

    A piece of blank paper and these witty, self-inking stamps is all they'll need to let the world know exactly what's on their mind. Shop Now >>

  • Herbal Tea

    All that merriment and cheer can do a number on your pipes - sooth a tired throat with a mug of piping hot tea. Shop Now >>

  • Dog Toy

    Happy pup = Happy owner. 'Nuff said.Shop Now >>