Fun SummerFood Gadgets

Summer is a great time of year for food lovers. Whether you are a total food nut or someone who just likes to eat good food, here are some gadgets that could make your summer more fun and enjoyable. We’ve got some very cool products like ice cream makers and some very hot products like wireless grilling thermometers.

Food Gadgets
Ice Cream Makers I Scream, You Scream, You Can Make Your Own
Ice Cream

Although we would never dream of suggesting you give up your Ben and Jerry’s, it can be fun for the family to make your own ice cream in whatever flavor that suits your fancy. There are basically two types of ice cream makers; a fairly inexpensive one like the Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Qt. (around $59) that comes in colors or the Cuisinart ICE-30 2 Qt. (around $89) both of which require you to put the bowl in the freezer and then hope it stays cold long enought to make ice cream. The other type is more expensive, like the Whynter SNÖ Professional Ice Cream Maker, a Cooks Illustrated pick that goes for around $250 and chills the bowl as it churns the cream. Cuisinart also offers the Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker for around $300. Most of these can also make frozen yogurt, sorbet or sherbet.

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Ice Pop Makers Make Your Own Ice Pops

You can get very creative with ice pops and they can be a lot healthier for your kids than the sugar-filled ones you buy at the store. The Zoku Quick Pop (around $50) can turn out ice pops in under 10 minutes using its patented maker that requires the base to be stored in the freezer. For around $35, you can buy a set of 6 Onyx stainless steel pop molds that go into your freezer with the pop mixture that turns into ice pops. The Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds cost a more reasonable $10 for a set of 4 that turns out ice cream cone shaped pops from your freezer.

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Summer Ice Pops Get Creative with Your Summer Ice Pops

Ice pops are pretty easy to make and only require a mold, a freezer and some imagination. You can make frozen cocktail pops or healthy fruit pops. For some great suggestions we recommend you check out this list of “33 Super Cool Popsicles.”

Marinate Like the Pros Marinate Like the Pros

Most chefs agree that tumbling steaks or anything else in marinade adds lots of flavor to whatever you’re going to grill. The Marinade Express is not cheap at around $300 put it should give you many years of flavor-enhanced grilling. The Eastman Reveo Marivac Food Marinator is a little less expensive at around $150 and has a vacuum system that removes air from the tumbler.

Better Balcony BBQ A Better Balcony Barbecue

Who needs charcoal when you have one of these infrared grills like the Char-Broil Patio Bistro ($180) that can reach over 700-degrees in a less than 10 minutes. Large infrared grills are available but this one is small enough to be used in tighter spaces. Infrared heating claims to deliver more even heat with fewer flare ups.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg claims to have had its inspiration from ancient cooking vessels that combined fire and food inside dome-shaped earthen vessels. The modern day version of Big Green Egg’s kamado-style cooker uses ceramic technology initially developed at NASA and a patented draft door that results in a cooker that starts fast, uses less charcoal and cooks better than other grills according to loyal “EGG” users.

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Wireless Food Thermometer Wireless Remote Thermometer Takes the Guess Work Out of Grilling

If you do a lot of grilling, you know it can be pretty easy to overcook an expensive steak. There are remote thermometers you can buy that will alert you when the temperature of whatever you’re cooking has reached a certain level. One popular wireless thermometer is the iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer which costs around $80 and is d