gifts for men–all under $100

These crowd pleasers are sure to win over everyone from your brother to your boss.

  • Scarves


    They're practical - and when presented in the right fabric, really indulgent, too. Simple and luxurious makes for a winning gift.Shop Now >>

  • Watch


    Perennially late, no more.Shop Now >>

  • Tablet


    A workaholic would appreciate seeing this high-tech efficiency tool in his stocking. It's the size of a small book, so expect him to check his emails during subway rides, and dinner, in bed...Shop Now >>

  • Flask


    They may just wax nostalgic, but there is something romantic about carrying a nip of bourbon around in your jacket pocket, especially when it's cold out.Shop Now >>

  • Coffee Maker

    Coffee Maker

    No more waiting in lines for your morning latte, these get the job done (and you don't even have to leave your house to get your fix).Shop Now >>

  • Money Clip

    Money Clip

    The easiest way to streamline your clutter is to invest in one of these: All your cash, credit cards and I.D.s held together by a clip slim enough to slip into your pocket.Shop Now >>

  • Cufflinks


    It's the equivalent of a really good pair of earrings: Classic, subtle and finishes an outfit with minimal effort.Shop Now >>

  • Backpack


    Whether he's a biker, hiker, or student these backpacks are the perfect companion (and will make life infinitely easier – no more bulging pockets).Shop Now >>

  • Hoodie


    For those who think lounging around the house is a full-time job, this option is more palatable than his torn-up tees.Shop Now >>

  • iPhone case

    iPhone case

    Your life is ensconced in this one little device. Protect it!Shop Now >>

  • Zombie survival kit

    Zombie survival kit

    Anyone else convinced that a zombie apocalypse is on its way? Be prepared, be vigilant and remember, double tap.Shop Now >>

  • Headphones

    Noise Canceling Headphones

    Hands-down the best thing to have when you're traveling. Drown out crying babies, watch the in-flight movie, or just create soothing white noise...Shop Now >>

  • Classic Tees

    Classic Tees

    You can't go wrong stocking these closet staples, especially super-soft, worn-in ones.Shop Now >>

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  • Electric Razor

    Electric Razor

    Not only are you giving him a nifty shaving tool, but you're also gifting him an extra ten minutes to sleep in thanks to all the time he'll save (no water, no soap!).Shop Now >>

  • Bottle Opener/Alcohol

    Bottle Opener & Alcohol

    That old college can opener just won't do. His buddies will marvel over these great bottle openers and they also, well, get the job done.Shop Now >>

  • Moleskine Notebook

    Moleskine Notebook

    The artsy-type in your life will appreciate this quality notebook for his doodles, sketches, poems or even a simple to-do list. Ernest Hemingway was said to have sworn by his.Shop Now >>

  • Video Camera

    Video Camera

    These handheld camcorders have come a long way from days past, and are perfect for sports enthusiasts or avid travelers. They'll house hours of footage to be shared for years to come.Shop Now >>

  • Colorful Socks

    Colorful Socks

    Every fashionable man needs a good, fun pair of socks. They make any dreary day a little brighter.Shop Now >>

  • Speakers


    It's hard to get your groove on with the stock speakers on your phone, so sidle it onto this dock and you've got a real party.Shop Now >>

  • Football Blanket

    Football Blanket

    Root for your team from your couch (and if you've got tickets to a winter game, they'll will keep you warm in the stands, too).Shop Now >>