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Jun 8, 2014 @ 11:11PM

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Jun 03, 2014

NorthShore was very helpful when I made that first purchase more than four months ago. It was the only source that I found that had exactly-a large size product for male incontinence. This was very important to me as I wanted a product that was not a make-do but would provide some dignity to my husband who was distressed at his present state. The customer service representative worked with me over the phone to determine the correct size and product to meet the needs my husband had. Though more expensive it is worth it and NorthShore has been easy to return to time after time for re-orders. Service and wait time is minimal given transportation. I am very happy with NorthShore Care Supply for their service - they meet a very important need in our aging society with health disadvantages.

Jun 08, 2014

North Shore Care Supply has met my need with every order. I could not find products similar and it was the only site that had the size that I needed. My husband when he first became ill in 11/2013 - weighed close to 400 pounds. Hospitals and care facilities do not in fest in such a product. In a world battling obesity I saw more make-shift diapers to accommodate my husband and they I found to be very demeaning. It is obvious that hospital and care facilities do not think of the dignity of the patient. It seems to be all about cost of the item needed. I happily order this for my husband to give him a "diaper that fits him and is not make do.

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