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Aug 2, 2014 @ 5:22PM

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Jul 20, 2014

I grow weary, but have now choice, that penn state is always out of stock on their new items. We should receive discoutned shipping or some other discount for having to ship our immediate orders and then paying again to have the out of stock items shipping. I am not a customer by choice, I am a customer because a few lines of product is only available through penn state. I move every possible purchase of normal supplies to competitors and encourage my confederates to do so. My complaints are shared by most in the industry, but penn state seems oblivious. They have some good lines but use that as an excuse to punish, rather than reward their customers.

Aug 02, 2014

Penn state has pen kits that sell well for me. However because they continue to limit their percent off discounts and penalize their larger buyers I but as many kits and supplies as possible from those who do not limit the percent off sales. Last month alone I purchased $3500 Worth of kits and blanks and other supplies I would have typically purchased from penn state. I hope they think its worth it. I tell everyone in the pen making community I can and they typically agree.

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