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9.3 out of 10

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9.4 out of 10

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9.3 out of 10

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8.6 out of 10

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  • Dec 3, 2014
    I just paid $10 for a tape cartridge which Staples charges $25. Great value!
  • Dec 2, 2014
    none at this time
  • Dec 1, 2014
    It would be easier to find if products (tape) were organized by size and color in visually organized way. Wish all color are available in all sizes. I'm happy to find unique color though.
  • Dec 1, 2014
    Order process went well un til trying to pay with PayPal. Difficulty in signing in to PayPal prompted me to just use a credit card .
  • Dec 1, 2014
  • Dec 1, 2014
    Wanted to purchase m tapes in multipacks. Not available. Maybe next time.
  • Dec 1, 2014
    always get good service and get what I ordered
  • Nov 29, 2014
    I found it difficult to navigate the site. It does not let you remove one item at a time. If I had multiples of one item and wanted to remove one, it removed all of them and then I would have to find that item again to put it back in the cart.
  • Nov 28, 2014
    It is not clear if pricing is $US or $Cdn.
  • Nov 28, 2014
    Keep it up.
  • Nov 22, 2014
    I love the P touch Machine. I have used it for so many occasions
    Nov 30, 2014
    I love the variety available.
  • Nov 20, 2014
    i love to label, I love my label machine - P Touch works for me.
    Nov 28, 2014
    I love my Brothers Ptouch labeler so gave one as a gift with the following poem: The Ultimate Organizer You Will Be (to accompany the gift of a label-making machine) Is this shelf the double sheets or are these twins? Is this the box my favorite shoes are in? Where'd I put the colored threads? Does this drawer contain the pliers? Which box has the paper plates? Where are the spare sheets for the dryer? I discovered, by a livin' in a home with more than one, To try to know where stuff was, could be not much fun. The accusations happen and the tempers do flare, If someone takes something, then when you want it, it's not there. The greatest solution I ever did find was to put a label on it and You won't loose your mind. So take this little wonder and label where things go, Label if it’s his or hers and let the little ones know. Put it in a sequence that makes a little sense, Be it alpha or numeric, or just how things have been. Folks won't wonder where you put it, Folks won't wonder whose it is, You'll find time to be creative, You'll find more time to just be free Of the bother of answering questions-- The ultimate organizer you will be! Lovingly presented, Dayle Ann Marvin
  • Nov 19, 2014
    Easy and fast making a purchase.
    Nov 29, 2014
  • Nov 18, 2014
    Dec 1, 2014
    Ordered these for a holiday gift, so have not tried them out yet.
  • Nov 28, 2014
    Item was to be delivered by UPS on a certain day. I waited all day never showed, got an email at 8:00PM saying it would be del. by USPS the next day. They should have sent it USPS in the first place.
  • Nov 11, 2014
    It said "grand total" and later added shipping. I was thinking that the shipping was included in the grand total.
    Nov 28, 2014
    Worked great. Really needed it. Thanks