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TartBurners.com Ratings and User Reviews. TartBurners.com is rated 9.2 out of 10 from 20 reviews. Last rated on 01/30/2014.

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Overall Satisfaction:

9.2 out of 10

Would Shop Here Again:

8.9 out of 10

Likelihood To Recommend:

9.0 out of 10

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Ease of Finding What
You Are Looking For:

8.3 out of 10

Design of Site:

8.3 out of 10

Satisfaction With Checkout:

8.5 out of 10

Product Selection:

8.8 out of 10

Clarity of Product Information:

8.8 out of 10

Charges Stated Clearly:

9.0 out of 10

Price Relative To Other
Online Retailers:

8.5 out of 10

Shipping Charges:

7.5 out of 10

Variety of Shipping Options:

8.7 out of 10

On-Time Delivery:

9.5 out of 10

Order Tracking:

9.4 out of 10

Product Met Expectations:

9.2 out of 10

Customer Support:

8.7 out of 10

Product Availability:

9.1 out of 10

Returns Process:


Recent Reviews for TartBurners.com

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  • Jan 30, 2014
    It was simple and an easy site to use.
  • Jan 30, 2014
    I am worried that Fresh Scents Seaspray will be gone pretty soon
  • Jan 25, 2014
    I am trying to buy refills for recipe cards. I had a very difficult job finding the right one. I'm not sure that you even have what I need. I want the kind that has a white sheet in the middle, and you don't seem to have that.
  • Jan 25, 2014
    I'm sick and tired of getting these blasted surveys to fill out no matter where I go on line to order!! I'm surveyed to death.
    Feb 7, 2014
    Quit sending me surveys. I'm surveyed out. Everybody wants surveys. Quit it.
  • Jan 25, 2014
    The free sample I received in a furniture store hooked me !!
  • Jan 25, 2014
    Overall a good experience.
  • Jan 24, 2014
    The Belly Bar is the only product we have used that will truly heal the cracks and splits my husband suffers on his hands in the winter months. We are grateful to find something that really works.
  • Jan 24, 2014
    Feb 10, 2014
    Candles were old, very little fragrance when burning and looked old. The tarts for the burners had melted at some point, you could tell as the wax ran over into the plastic cover. I was very disappointed. Needed the candles for an event so I could not return as time had run out before event. I will never order from Tart Burners again.
  • Jan 23, 2014
    I am so happy to have found "Keepers of The Light" candles online....My husband's favorite is "Juicy Apple"...
  • Jan 22, 2014
    I like this website and saved it to my bookmarks so I can go back to it.
    Feb 5, 2014
    The tartburners are preciouse and the tarts I ordered smell so good. I was a little disappointed that some I ordered were out of stock. I will try ordering more again hoping they are in stock.
  • Jan 21, 2014
    May use a little electric but is great as you do not smell the burning candle. We have enjoyed it since we received it. Thanks great invention.
  • Jan 19, 2014
    I love them!
    Jan 29, 2014
    Thank You!
  • Jan 15, 2014
    Love your candles!
    Jan 26, 2014
    The candle I bought has very little if any scent and smells nothing like the sample votive candle I received at market. Unfortunately they don't offer the votive candle in that scent in their store. I will never order any other candle online. I learned a very valuable put a bit pricey lesson. I ordered three of these candles.
  • Jan 15, 2014
    Nice site but had difficulty adding things to the cart.
    Jan 23, 2014
  • Jan 15, 2014
    Jan 23, 2014
    I purchased Hillhouse Naturals Fresh Linen lotion and bodywash. I was lucky to find it on your website because on the vendor's website they were sold out. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Jan 12, 2014
    So easy and quick...no gimmicks! LOVE IT!
    Jan 27, 2014
  • Jan 10, 2014
    I am sensitive to many fragrances, but I love the while lilac of Camille Beckman products. It is not easy to find in specialty shops. Online shopping is my best source.
    Feb 1, 2014
  • Jan 8, 2014
    Tried this product on our trip to Alaska and really liked it.
    Jan 25, 2014
  • Jan 5, 2014
    Jan 20, 2014
    I love the quality product.
  • Jan 3, 2014
    I like the fact that they keep well stocked and deliver in a reasonable time frame.
    Jan 20, 2014