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101 Phones Ratings and User Reviews. 101 Phones is rated 7.8 out of 10 from 134 reviews. Last rated on 02/26/2017.

101 Phones Rating

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Overall Satisfaction:

7.8 out of 10

Would Shop Here Again:

7.9 out of 10

Likelihood To Recommend:

7.8 out of 10

Overall Rating Past 3 Months Past Month


76% 76%


5% 7%


19% 17%

Ease of Finding What
You Are Looking For:

8.7 out of 10

Design of Site:

8.6 out of 10

Satisfaction With Checkout:

8.8 out of 10

Product Selection:

8.9 out of 10

Clarity of Product Information:

8.8 out of 10

Charges Stated Clearly:

9 out of 10

Price Relative To Other
Online Retailers:

8.2 out of 10

Shipping Charges:

8.8 out of 10

Variety of Shipping Options:

8.6 out of 10

On-Time Delivery:

8.6 out of 10

Order Tracking:

8.7 out of 10

Product Met Expectations:

7.5 out of 10

Customer Support:

7.4 out of 10

Product Availability:

8.7 out of 10

Returns Process:

3.8 out of 10

Recent Reviews for 101 Phones

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  • Feb 26, 2017
    I love uniden phones, I have great luck with these. This is my first buying from 101 phones. But the site is so easy to order on and several ways of paying for your order.
  • Feb 26, 2017
  • Feb 25, 2017
    I need a telephone that works with my hearing impairment. 101 Phones has an amazing selection and provides a lot of detail on its site so I can select exactly the telephone I need. This is a wonderful service. Thank you.
  • Feb 15, 2017
    i've phones thru you and i'm satisfied with this product
    Feb 24, 2017
  • Feb 24, 2017
  • Feb 22, 2017
    I have a CSC500D. The screen went blank
  • Feb 21, 2017
    Easy Shopping and Free Shipping
  • Feb 07, 2017
    It was a good experience for a change.
    Feb 21, 2017
    You delivered my product on a timely manner. I very much appreciate this my phone was on it's last leg so to speech. Thank you again.
  • Feb 14, 2017
    very good to review and order from 101 phones. i enjoyed the descriptions of merchandise.
    Feb 21, 2017
    I called customer service at 101 phones and was unable to understand the woman on the phone. She did not understand my inquiry about my new phone.
  • Feb 20, 2017
    very competitive. I usually shop amazon
  • Feb 11, 2017
    This is my first order with the company. The web page was nicely laid out and easy to use. I wish a manufacturing date for the smartphone batteries were available, I seem to keep ending up with used or batteries that wont hold a charge. I hope by my spending the extra money at your site, the batteries will actually be BRAND NEW !!! Thank you. If contacting me pleas use text or email as I rarely answer my phone and it goes to voice mail. Do not sell my email address.
    Feb 20, 2017
    Phone battery will not hold a charge for more than 4 hours. Battery dated 2014. This is not good.
  • Feb 19, 2017
    every thing seems OK
  • Feb 04, 2017
    I bet you will sell my email address.I hate it when a vendor asks so many personal questions.
    Feb 19, 2017
    I did not think that I actually finalized the order. I found your website to be somewhat confusing. I only knew I did so when I got an email. I replied immediately to the email to cancel the order. This was within 5" of getting it. I could not do so. I called and was told that the order had to be delivered and then returned! Are you kidding me? I decided to keep the order and give it as a gift. It was then I realized that I did not order new equipment. None of the phones would charge. No instructions were included. I am sending them back. The return form says that I will be charged 10% plus the actual cost of shipping. What a total rip off. You sell me a product that doesn't work and then get me to pay for it. You could have cancelled the order right away and none of this would have been an issue. I will never do business with you again and will certainly tell everyone I know about my experience.
  • Feb 10, 2017
    I am satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to its use for several years.
    Feb 19, 2017
    I ordered a phoneDS66714-4 and got a DS6671-3. The-4 comes with 4 handsets and the-3 comes with 2 handsets and had to send the 2 handsets to make the 3rd and4th handsets . If you do not have just what the customer ordered you should not send a sub. Tracking needs to be improved. I am satisfied with my order so this ends our contact.
  • Feb 08, 2017
    Feb 19, 2017
    The phone is very nice but it does not work as a wall phone which is what I needed when I hook it up the receiver does not cut o the line and I cannot use it. It will work well as a desk phone but that is not what I need.
  • Feb 09, 2017
    the purchase will make a great difference in our household.
    Feb 19, 2017
    We received the phone on time but my mother in law is still learning how to get all of the benefits from the phone. She is sight impaired but also has hearing issues as well. Once she figures out all of the benefits it will be great.
  • Feb 12, 2017
    Very good website and descriptive on all phone systems.
    Feb 19, 2017
    When it comes to "bundles", you ought to give a specific model number that includes the type of handsets and the amount of handsets that come with the base. This would be LESS confusion for both the customer and your Representatives.
  • Feb 08, 2017
    Great place to do business!
    Feb 18, 2017
    Timely service and reasonable prices.
  • Feb 17, 2017
    I have not received it yet but from the looks of it I am sure it will serve my purpose well