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Charming Chick Ratings and User Reviews. Charming Chick is rated 0.0 out of 10 from 10 reviews. Last rated on 08/13/2014.

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  • Aug 13, 2014
    This is my first purchase from this company.
  • Aug 7, 2014
    Aug 19, 2014
    I wore the necklace for two hours before it broke. Was very disappointed on the quality.
  • Jun 28, 2014
    I like the prices. I don't know how the product is yet because I haven't received it in the mail.
  • Jun 19, 2014
    I was not happy with the checkout process. I ordered 3 items to be sent as a gift to the same address, and I do not know if an invoice will be sent showing prices to the recipient. I also do not know if the items will arrive in one shipment, as the estimated shipping times are different for the items. When I tried to call customer service, I got this horrible computerized voice that was malfunctioning and so I had to call back 3 times and guess at what number to press to get help with this order. I was not able to speak to a human, but had to leave a message for someone to call me back. I don't think i will order from this company again.
  • Jun 12, 2014
    Great website, very easy to use. Love the items!
  • May 27, 2014
    Looking forward to receiving, it looks exactly like the one I wanted for a lot less $
    Jun 15, 2014
    Bracelet is as expected, well made and love it!
  • May 16, 2014
    Ordering was very easy, I just hope I get the merchandise with in the two days that I have requested and paid for.
    May 22, 2014
    I have to admit I was in a panic thinking that I might not receive what I bought for my wife for our anniversary, but I contact customer service via email and was in touch with a person named Jen and she helped me through my panic plus put a rush on the order and I received in time!!! Thanks again Jen!!!Thanks,Rick G