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InGroundFenceStore Ratings and User Reviews. InGroundFenceStore does not have enough recent reviews to provide current overall scores. Last rated on 07/02/2015.

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  • Jul 2, 2015
    This is the best resource for my online pet supply neefs.
  • May 12, 2015
    It would be easier to review the store once I received my product. The quantity discount confused me, and I had to call before I understood it. Not sure if that is a problem or not, but I almost shopped somewhere else because it showed in my checkout as a one line item at $36.20, when it really should show as 2 lines eg $9.95 for the first item and $26.25 for the 3 more quantity discount. The way it read with just the single line item, it looked like I was being charged $36.20 for 3 items, not 4. Again, had I not called, you wouldn't have received my business. The question then becomes, how many others have experienced this and didn't call for clarification, but rather simply moved on and purchased elsewhere?
  • Apr 29, 2015
    May 7, 2015
    Havent taken out of the box yet. Only received it Tuesday afternoon