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8.7 out of 10

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8.8 out of 10

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8.8 out of 10

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8.5 out of 10

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8.5 out of 10

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8.5 out of 10

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8.6 out of 10

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8.4 out of 10

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8.9 out of 10

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8.3 out of 10

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7.7 out of 10

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8.4 out of 10

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8.8 out of 10

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8.8 out of 10

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9.0 out of 10

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  • Dec 19, 2014
    I love your website but the one thing that truly frustrates me after using you for two years is the complete lack of reviews for almost all of the products that I have looked to you to order. I don't know what you can do to change that but even a small club lax gift point amount or something might change this factor.
  • Dec 19, 2014
    Lacrosse.Com is the best place to buy lacrosse items!!
  • Dec 18, 2014
    It would be nice if more than 48 items were listed on each page... Also, I wanted to have an idea of how to size up my child for shoulder pads (do I order S or M) and all I found was an explanation about why some kids choose to use them and some do not. Not terribly helpful. But there is a great selection of products and checkout was great because my payment info was stored from last time.
  • Dec 18, 2014
    You guys are great get some more size Warrior shoes in stock please !!!
  • Dec 17, 2014
    I have always purchased my lax equipment from, the only reason I came to this site was because my son wanted a Nike CEO lax head and sportstop did not carry this item. One issue I had was that if I signed up for the laxclub shipping was to be free after a 50.00 order but at checkout the threshold was 75.00 was that the old bait and switch?
  • Dec 16, 2014
    Very good experience. My son went on the site and picked out some items and I was able to locate them and purchase them. Great Experience!
  • Dec 15, 2014
    I would try and organize the selection of lacrosse heads and shafts by brand to make it easier to find rather than searching through all of the pages of products to find what you are looking for.
  • Dec 15, 2014
    the final page clearly staes subtotal $24.97 and in all capitals FREE shipping fo rclub lax memebrs, but then the grnad total includes $6.99 shipping fee. Called and asked, the lady didnt know why and then after two holds, said it had to be $50 .... so if it is "free shipping for being club lax members" I didnt get it. If it is " free shipping at $50 order limit being a club lax member" then the website needs to be fixed and clearly state the $50 limit
  • Dec 14, 2014
    I was promised free shipping but it shows up in price
  • Dec 14, 2014
    it added shipping but it was suppose to be free as a member????????
  • Dec 13, 2014
    Great site , user friendly , sale prices , special benefits for club members (best club Ive found).
  • Dec 12, 2014
    Did not want to fill out survey
  • Dec 10, 2014
    We love!
  • Dec 10, 2014
    Great prices on what I was looking for. Site was easy to use.
    Dec 18, 2014
  • Dec 10, 2014
  • Dec 10, 2014
    It would be nice to magnify the selected items. It would also be nice to compare selected items on the website.
  • Dec 9, 2014
    Hard to find the item I was looking for
  • Dec 8, 2014
    Have been a loyal customer for quite awhile ... have always been pleased with products, delivery, and service.
    Dec 19, 2014
  • Dec 2, 2014
    Dec 12, 2014
    I contacted customer service prior to purchasing. I wanted to confirm that the strung head was same as unstrung in terms of colored side walls. Pictures online did not show sides of the head strung. Customer service could not answer my question. She had the same pictures available to her and no better description.
  • Nov 18, 2014
    I am new to lacrosse and there is a lot to choose from. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but after talking to some others who are experienced in the sport and on it was much easier. This is a great site! Thanks!
    Dec 10, 2014