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  • Aug 11, 2014
    The text was easy to read and the photos were easy to see. Thank you.
  • Aug 4, 2014
    Aug 15, 2014
    Hi,I ordered a mattress to be delivered on Monday. I emailed on Friday to stop the delivery (not to cancel my order) since i wasn't going to be able to be at home and my landlord doesn't allow it any other way. Customer service emailed me back saying that the mattress would be delivered on Monday as i requested. I emailed them again to ask the opposite, to hold the mattress until i contact them. But i got no answer. Then i called customer service and a nice woman was very helpful. I was all set.Unfortunately, on Tuesday i received an email informing me that the mattress would be delivered on Wednesday. I contacted the same woman again, but she said it was either Wednesday or waiting for two weeks.I don't understand why, and honestly, i would like to know the reason. I have never worked in a private company so i don't really understand some working methods. As a customer, i was very interested in buying your product, but i had no choice but cancelling my order. THANKS
  • Aug 3, 2014
    I talked with someone and they were very nice.
  • Jul 23, 2014
    Referral from Amazon.com, so I'm trusting this merchant - Since I haven't received product I can't verify quality and fit of mattress pad at this time; but so many are made for extra deep mattresses. The dimensions for this one (8"-14") should be perfect for a 12 inch deep mattress and I'm counting on a good fit. I will do quality review upon receipt of product.
  • Jul 19, 2014
    Check out was more difficult than an usual online purchase.
  • Jul 18, 2014
    I have no real comments yet since I have yet to receive my product but I did find the process of purchasing it pleasantly easy.
    Jul 25, 2014
  • Jul 11, 2014
    Great prices, a large quantity of items and an easy web site to view and order from...good job!
  • Jul 10, 2014
    It is a pleasure to do business with you so far.
  • Jul 6, 2014
    Overall statisifed, but dependent on if I get my cash back.
    Jul 22, 2014
    I am extremely dissatisfied with the arrival of my product. I paid for 2-3 days shipping and have not received my order for over 2 weeks and still have not gotten any notification of when I will receive my order.
  • Jun 26, 2014
    The ONLY thing that I was disappointed about was the amount of product that was "Out of Stock". Left me with a VERY LIMITED selection. There were at least 5 variations of the mattress I wanted, but the one I bought was the only one in stock. Would have preferred the red/gray color, and the 20"H model as I am VERY short. Also, the home page said I would receive 2 (forgot the type) pillows with the order of ANY purchase, yet there is no mention of them in my invoice. Will be interesting to see if they come with my mattress. Also, there's NO mention of WHEN I may expect delivery of this order.
  • Jun 22, 2014
    Really liked the negotiation feature.
  • Jun 15, 2014
    Safe Speedy product selection
  • Jun 4, 2014
    While staff was eager to chat, no one could answer my questions, referring to the "expert" who would e-mail me "tomorrow". I never recieved any response to any of my questions despite several evenings' worth of chats. Wasted time! Would not chat again. Will do my own research. Was promised a special "Memorial Day Sale" but that never materialized either.
  • Jun 1, 2014
    Nice site prompt chat responses and easy to order.