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Last rated on 08/13/2017.

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  • Aug 13, 2017
    Thank you
  • Jul 28, 2017
    I chose to buy directly from this merchant site instead of Amazon and I was happy to see a savings.
    Aug 11, 2017
  • Aug 07, 2017
    Great gear for my service dog!!!
  • Aug 05, 2017
    Had what I was looking for and in the right color.
  • Jul 08, 2017
    This is my first time directly ordering from Pets Go Here directly. I first found out about them from Amazon. I hope the service is as good as it was when I was using Amazon. If so, I have just found my new place to buy my cats' flea and tick medication. I get the 12 month supply and it is a lot cheaper than what is in the stores. Thanks Pets Go Here.
  • Jun 23, 2017
    Seems like a great website!
  • Jun 02, 2017
    Easy and quick but payment options tend to run you in a loop at least from a mobile.