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Restaurant Equipment Solutions Ratings and User Reviews. Restaurant Equipment Solutions is rated 0.0 out of 10 from 11 reviews. Last rated on 12/08/2014.

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  • Dec 8, 2014
    These folks were on top of my online order placement - I had omitted some important information and they called immediately to clarify!
  • Nov 15, 2014
    shipping terms were complicated and unusual causing an extra amount of time for ordering.
  • Nov 6, 2014
    So far so good. I hope the item is in stock and will get here soon
  • Nov 3, 2014
    Experience was great
  • Oct 23, 2014
    Was surprised that the item advertized with free shipping still incurred a $77 shipping charge for an accessory that was ordered with it? I almost cancelled the entire transaction
  • Oct 16, 2014
    I had some problems with a coupon price application but it seems to be getting straightened out
  • Oct 15, 2014
    I found what I was looking for through BING search engine. They had what I needed for my equipment.
    Oct 25, 2014
  • Oct 13, 2014
    I am buying these plates for ma Volunteer Fire Dept in Fishkill ny of which I am the cook.
    Oct 21, 2014
  • Sep 24, 2014
    Everything was standard but I could not get the checkout to deal with tax exempt.
    Oct 25, 2014
    The materials seem somewhat less that expected & I was not informed that I would have to buy extra materials for a completed look.