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Last rated on 02/14/2017.

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  • Feb 14, 2017
    Love wag.com so god damn much! It's awesome to be able to do online shopping for prescription food and medication for my cat and have a service that will contact my vet to approve the order at the same time. Love it. Love it. Love it.
  • Dec 21, 2016
    a=As a blind customer, This website is not acessible for screen reading software. That would make it easier for me to shop.
  • Dec 18, 2016
    The specials deals attracted me to the site, but they were too restrictive to use. Will think about another purchase with WAG
  • Dec 13, 2016
    couldn't find my dogs bones anywhere in any store..came home went on line and found you Wags..this is where we get them from now on..Great service not computer literate but i handled it with your user friendly website..
  • Nov 29, 2016
    Wag dot com has shoddy customer support and the website experience is absolute garbage. Like an abused child by their parent, I keep coming back to them because it is the only resource for me to get prescription pet food. Well they can fark off now because quite frankly I have had it. Get your shiot together
  • Nov 16, 2016
    Wag.com is truly great.Good products, good prices, free shipping over $50 orders, shipped quickly, well packed and on time, every time.
    Nov 23, 2016
    I like the service and products from Wag.com.Everything is done exactly as it should be doen.They are 100% spot on wiht product, delivery and communication.