Pool Safety

Safety Turtles

These tiny terrapins are actually electronic wristbands that fasten securely around little wrists. Any time the wristband touches water, the base unit emits a loud alarm to alert others.


Put your layers of protection in place. Save big on gate alarms, door alarms and above-ground pool alarms.


Look for fences that are non-climbable, self-closing and self-latching for added security. Browse our super selection to find the fence that's right for your home.

Rescue Equipment

Keep lifesaving aids close at hand. Stock up on rescue tubes, rescue cans and more.


Be prepared. Learn adult, infant and child CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).

Cordless Phones

Always have a cordless phone close at hand. Get great deals on our top-quality selection.

Security Cameras

A security camera is a great additional layer of protection. Click here to find the best price on a camera for your outdoor area.


Prevent unsupervised children or pets from entering the pool area. Shop and save on our giant array of padlocks and combination locks for your fence.

Pool Safety Covers

Remember to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing and maintaining pool safety covers. Shop online to get the best deals on your own safety cover today.

Drain Covers

Avoid hair or limb entrapment. Make sure your pool or spa is equipped with a safe drain cover like the Triodyne Anti-Hair Snare Plus Drain Cover.

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