tech-out your work-out

While we can't force march you to the gym, we can help you make your time on the treadmill more interesting—and a little more fun. We’vescouted the coolest and best fitness gadgets on the market.

Activity Trackers
Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ Fuelband The Nike+ Fuelband tracks all movements throughout the day, and turns everyday activities into a game where the object is to rack up more points. Set a goal and as the day progresses flashing lights will tell you how close you are to reaching it. While it's a steep $150, one big bonus is that Nike integrates their products, so for example, the Lunarglide+4 running shoes will automatically feed your time, distance, pace, and calories burned to the app.
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Fitbit The Fitbit was one of the first app-centric tracking devices to the table—and now there's a whole family of options to suit various needs. Zip tracks activity, The One tracks sleep and activity, and the Aria scale monitors weight, body fat percentage and BMI. They all wirelessly feed your numbers to an app on the web so you can track your progress over the long-haul, and monitor your food intake. Another feature: You can compete against friends, and use peer pressure to stay on track.
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Pear Pro Training System

Pear Pro Training System Designed specifically for runners, the primary component of the Pear Pro Training System is the Square One, which you clip to your headphones (if you want to listen to music, it integrates nicely (and solely) with an iPod Shuffle). You select a training plan from the online store (all are currently free) and as you run, the coach in your ear keeps you on pace. All you need to do is run. You don't need to monitor your heart-rate or check your miles—Square One does it all for you. And when you get off track, your coach is there to slow down or speed up. The entire system— heart-rate monitor, Square One, headphones, and footpod—is $249.99.
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Up By Jawbone

Up By Jawbone Released last year in a not-quite-finished state, UP by Jawbone is out on the market again, with a completely re-designed UI and app. So far, the reviews have been largely positive. At $129.99, this all-in one wristband tracks your sleeping habits, your exercise, and with the help of an app, what you eat and how you feel. In addition, UP wakes you up at the right point in your sleep cycle, and will vibrate to remind you to get up and move around if you've been sitting at your desk too long.
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Basis Band

Basis Band The Basis Band ($200) monitors blood flow, heart rate, heat dissipation, and sleep cycles. It also goes beyond basic tracking to provide activity patterns: You can set goals for yourself, and the Basis Band will track daily patterns and use the data to determine next week's set of goals.
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Larklife At $159.99, the Larklife (available for preorder) only tracks activity and sleep. It features an iPhone app that coaches you toward better health and a vibrating alarm system that gently wakes you up.
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Strava Strava

Launched this year to much acclaim, STRAVA rotates around the concept of social fitness: Essentially, you need a GPS device—either through something like a Garmin, or your phone—and then you head out on a bike or run. Not only can you compete against yourself, but you can compete against other Strava users as well—plus pick up new routes to try.
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iFit iFit is primarily a tracking app and website that caters to accomplished athletes looking to monitor their progress: The main focus is on training and pushing yourself to beat cycling, running, and other fitness goals.
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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Sometimes the longest standing solutions are the best. Whether you're tech-savvy or no, the Weight Watchers app ($15 a month) lets you track food and activity points on the go, and curtail that burgeoning waistline.
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The Ultimate Splurge Boston Marathon Treadmill

Though most of us don't have a cool $2,000 to spend on a treadmill, there's something appealing about cutting out monthly gym fees and exercising in the sanctity of your own home. Particularly if it's on something like the Boston Marathon Treadmill. The coolest feature is the Google Maps powered console, which automatically simulates every hill on any route around the world. You can track your real-time progress via Street View, too. If competition helps you stay motivated you can compete against other runners in the
iFit Live community.
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Boston Marathon Treadmill
The All-Knowing Scale Withings Scale

Withings Scale This slim-profiled device tracks weight, body fat percentages, and BMI, which it then communicates wirelessly to your profile online. It's slick interface makes it a snap to track your lean body mass over the long-haul, particularly if you're
losing fat, and not necessarily weight.
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