jumpstart: men's halloween costumes

Whether you're passing out candy to the neighborhood kids or making your way to a party,
get into the spirit of the holiday with these festive ensembles.

  • The Avengers Costume

    Round up your best buds and choose your superhero of choice: Whether you're Ironman, Captain America, Thor, or The Hulk you'll get double points for the
    team effort.

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  • Dark Knight Batman Costume

    If you sat through this three-hour-long extravaganza, then you deserve to be Batman for a night.

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  • Vampire Costumes

    There's no sparkly skin here, just traditional, old-school Transylvanian vampires. (Read: No screaming legions of tween girls.)

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  • Waldo Costume

    If you're likely to get lost amongst the Halloween chaos, this might just be the costume for you. Expect strangers to say they found you.

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  • Zombie Costume

    This is a costume that calls for real dedication: Slap on some pasty makeup and make sure to practice that tell-tale limp for the big night.

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  • Hippie Costume

    If you're into the golden era of free love and peace, cue up the sitar music and get down in this groovy get-up.

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