jumpstart: women's halloween costumes

Deck out your home in super spooky haunted décor: Some may run for the hills,
but your house will undoubtedly be the most popular place on the block.

  • Bats

    Hang these little guys in high corners and crevices for unexpected scares. Extra points for red eyes that glow.

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  • Inflatable Decorations

    You'll definitely get points for being bigger and badder then the rest of your neighbors with one of these huge inflatable decorations on your front lawn. Plus, kids love 'em!

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  • Special Effects

    If Halloween is your favorite holiday, this is the section for you: Special effects and lighting that's sure to make any home, well, haunted.

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  • Witches

    Bubble, bubble toil and trouble: Pair these props with some dry ice for a truly authentic (and terrifying) effect.

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  • Rodents and Insects

    Creepy crawlies may be the most spine-tingling decorations out there. We say, put them in places where little hands reach, like a deep candy jar.

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  • Party Supplies

    Eat, drink and be scary.

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