gifts for women–all under $100

It's easy to get overwhelmed by a mile-long shopping list, and though it may be the thought that counts, there's no reason not to present your mom, wife, or friend with a great gift. We've rounded up budget-friendly gift ideas she'll not only adore, but actually use.


  • 1

    Make a list. It can get frantic when the sales start lighting up your inbox, so organize your gift-buying needs before chaos strikes. You don't want to miss out on getting a great deal for someone important (I.e., your in-laws, or a new niece).

  • 2

    Stock up: Deals rarely go deeper than during the holiday season, so think about upcoming gift-centric events and stockpile options now.

  • 3

    Know your return policies: Make sure that you're not splurging on final-sale pieces that might very well need to go back.

  • 4

    Maximize your budget: Besides searching for coupons and discount codes, consider enrolling in cash back programs that will get you extra dollars back.

  • 5

    Sign up for store newsletters, like the stores you regularly shop on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Retailers often use their social media and email changes to deliver special deals (sometimes you can score an extra 10 percent off just for signing up).

  • 6

    Buy in bulk and then customize: Can't find the perfect big-ticket item? Consider assembling gift baskets from smaller items (wine glasses and a great bottle of wine; a spa-at-home collection; a starter craft kit). Putting in a little bit of extra effort can save you big dollars, and make your gift stand-out.

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  • Initial Necklace

    Initial Necklace

    Whether it's the kids' initials or the dog's, you can't go wrong with this sweet, personalized memento – it's guaranteed to melt her heart every time she wears it.Shop Now >>

  • Dress


    An easy, versatile shift dress works for all body types - it's a closet must year round.Shop Now >>

  • Makeup gift set

    Makeup gift set

    Fact: Ladies of ALL ages love to play with makeup. A cheery, colorful palette is the perfect way to get dolled up for the slew of holiday parties that require your attendance.Shop Now >>

  • Vase


    It dresses up any flat surface with a shot of color (don't forget some fresh blooms to go along with it).Shop Now >>

  • Keychain


    A sweet yet practical trinket to add a dose of whimsy to the everyday.Shop Now >>

  • iPhone case

    iPhone case

    Let's be honest - a smart phone is THE most important gadget in anyone's arsenal. Protect it from unavoidable spills by outfitting it with a fun case. Shop Now >>

  • Wallet


    Sometimes a gift of the practical variety – like an edgy yet functional wallet – is in order.Shop Now >>


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  • Earrings


    A dainty pair of earrings are not only charming, they add just the right amount of sparkle to an otherwise bulky winter wardrobe. Shop Now >>

  • Weekly Planner

    Weekly Planner

    A sleek, vibrantly-hued agenda is a great way to stay organized and actually keep that terribly-difficult-to-stick-to New Year's resolution.Shop Now >>

  • Nail polish gift set

    Nail polish gift set

    For those who think lounging around the house is a full-time job, this option is more palatable than his torn-up tees.Shop Now >>

  • Cashmere Sweater

    Cashmere Sweater

    A classic cashmere sweater is synonymous with comfort and luxury and contrary to popular belief, doesn't have to break the bank. Shop Now >>

  • Decorative Pillow

    Decorative Pillow

    Home may be where the heart is, but your couch is where the bulk of your holiday entertaining goes down - dress it up with a few strategically thrown cushy throw pillows.Shop Now >>

  • Scented Candle

    Scented Candle

    Light a seasonal scented candle and you've got images of roasting chestnuts and freshly cut pine-trees with a single strike of a match. Shop Now >>

  • Clutch


    The holidays go hand in hand with a social calendar chock full of parties and family get-togethers - a glittery clutch is proof positive that a little luxury goes a long, long way.Shop Now >>

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  • Pajamas


    An ultra soft and cozy pair of PJ's is essential to a well-spent snow day (along with a roaring fire and a steaming mug of hot cocoa). Shop Now >>

  • Perfume


    For the particularly hard to shop for lady, a bottle of her favorite scent is a time-honored, fail-proof option.Shop Now >>

  • Hand cream gift set

    Hand cream gift set

    Harsh winter winds wreck havoc on delicate skin – just one tube holds the power to soothe and moisturize (bonus points for a yummy scent).Shop Now >>

  • Scarf


    A 100% fail-proof gift idea, the classic scarf is an elegant way to winter-fy any outfit. Shop Now >>

  • Bracelet


    We guarantee that a glittery bauble is at the top of every gal's wish-list, and these have all the requisite glitz without costing a fortune. Shop Now >>

  • Tote


    Running errands, picking up the little ones from school or getting on a trans-atlantic flight - a vibrantly-patterned and super–functional carryall is a necessity for the busy gal on the go.Shop Now >>

  • EBAY

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