High Tech BabyGadgets and Gear

High tech baby gear comes in all forms from car seats and strollers to monitoring devices. Whether you’re going to have a baby, just had a baby or you know someone who is, here are some baby gadgets and gear that you might want to check out.

Hybrid StrollersHybrid Stroller Charges Your Phone

The origami stroller from 4moms will cost you close to $1,000 but it’s about as high tech as a stroller can get. Not only do reviewers say it handles well and folds up with a push of a button with the help of a motor, but where else are you going to find a stroller with an LCD dashboard that displays temperature and speed? The origami also includes a generator in the rear wheels that can charge your phone. Running and pathway lights can come in handy when “strolling” after dark.

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Infant tub, Bouncer, Play yardMore From 4Moms

4moms also offers some other cool products like their $49 infant bath tub that is "designed to allow clean water to flow in, while dirty water flows out,” the $199 mamaRoo child seat that bounces and sways,” and the $299 breeze screened playpen that can be folded up and carried around in its case.

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Four Wheels for Two Kids or Three Wheels for JoggersFour Wheels for Two Kids or Three Wheels
for Joggers

If you can afford a little over $300 for a stroller and you like to run behind it, you might want to take a look at the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller that reviewers say is very easy to easy to maneuver, easy to fold although a tad on the heavy side. The BOB Revolution has lots of room to store things too. For the ultimate in double strollers, the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller is a modular stroller that can be configured for a single child with a side luggage basket or a dual configuration for two children of the same age or different ages. The price ranges from $1200 for the single to $1659 for the fully configured duo version.

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Built for protectionCar Seats Built for Protection

The Pria 70 costs around $250 and can accommodate children from 4 pound infants all the up to 70 pound children. Its air cushions protect babies from harm and can be used in front-facing or rear-facing direction. The Chicco KeyFit30 car seat has a stay-in-car base and is compatible with a number of strollers so you can easily remove it from the car and place it right on a stroller.

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DropcamA Webcam Can Keep an Eye on Anything
Including Your Baby

Whether you’re keeping an eye on Grandma, your pet dog or a baby sleeping in a crib, one of the more popular webcams and streaming services is Dropcam. For around $150 you get a webcam that can stream HD video and audio to your computer or mobile device. You can even talk back to the camera with two-way audio and it also offers night vision and motion detection. The one thing to watch out for with Dropcam is that it can use up a lot of you monthly data upload plan from your Internet service provider (ISP).

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PeekoBecome a Baby Monitor Beta Tester

A company named Rest Devices has been developing a wearable monitor shirt for infants that measures things like respiration, temperature and body position. It’s called the Peeko Monitor and they are looking for beta testers and is expected to be available soon.

SteriPen AdventurerBaby Monitors With Smartphone Apps

Withings sells their Smart Baby Monitor for around $299 that has a lot going for it from a compact size and nice design to temperature and humidity sensors, two-way audio and multicolored nightlight, not to mention the WithBaby Android or iOS app that can alert you if something is amiss.

Shop For Smart Baby MonitorsBelkin WeMo Baby Monitor

The $70 Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor is a wireless audio monitor that works with a smartphone app that allows you to hear your infant from anywhere you have connectivity. An upgrade gives you text or call notifications when your baby is crying along with crying analysis.

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Why Cry Baby AnalyzerDo Parents Really Need a Baby Talk Translator?

Who needs Google translator when you have one of these devices that tries to interpret what your baby is trying to express. The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer will cost you around $50 and claims 90% accuracy in analyzing why a baby is crying. There’s an app you can buy for $4.99 called Cry Translator which gets an average rating or 1 star on iTunes. The question we have is shouldn’t a parent be able to tell why their baby is crying without one of these devices?

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Tommee TippeeBaby BottlesLifefactory
Make Baby’s Milk Safer to Drink

If you want to feel better about the milk you’re providing your baby whether it’s breast milk or formula there are some products you should consider. If you’re concerned about the safety of using plastic baby bottles, Lifefactory sells a 4 or 9 oz. glass baby bottle with a Sky Silicone Sleeve that can go into the dishwasher together. Although we do think it’s a somewhat unusual product, Milkscreen tests for alcohol in breast milk. Steri-Bottle offers sterilized, recyclable plastic baby bottles that are intended to be used once. Tommee Tippee BPA-free bottles claim to offer a more natural feel in a baby bottle that is less likely to cause gas.

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