Fail-Proof Hostess Gifts

Stockpile these perennially reliable giftables to ensure you never show up to a dinner party–or a weekend stay with friends–empty handed (and guarantee an invite back, again and again).

Scented Candles
Scented Candles

An après-dinner drink just isn't complete without the ambient glow of a subtly-scented bougie – a haute hostess could never have too many.

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Gourmet Olive Oil Gourmet Olive Oil

A bottle of this kitchen counter staple is as essential to a culinery rookie as it is to an accomplished chef.

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Coffee Table Books Coffee Table Books

If gift-giving is an art-form, then these stylish tomes are just the thing to thank the lady of the house for an evening well spent.

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Herbal Tea Herbal Tea

Party prep can rattle the nerves of even the most seasoned entertainer: Help them stay cool, calm and collected under pressure with a steaming cup of herbal brew.

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The Container Store Premium Shirt & Sweater Bins Tea Towels

Don't let the utilitarian nature of these kitchen textiles fool you–the cheery patterns will make for a welcome pop-of-color to have on hand.

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Herb Garden Kit
Herb Garden Kit

When looking to impress a foodie, a mini at-home herb garden is the gift that will–literally–keep on giving.

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Coasters Coasters

The best way to show a gracious host your gratitude is by making sure unsightly water rings don't make a surprise appearance by way of these artful disks.

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A tried-and-true favorite: Show up with a box of fancy chocolates in tow and you'll secure primo placement at the dinner table.

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Bottle Stoppers Bottle Stoppers

When a last-minute bottle of vino alone won't do, pair it with one of these whimsical trinkets.

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Fancy Guest Soap Fancy Guest Soap

What should be the number one rule for houseguests? Leaving the bathroom looking prettier than you found it by stocking it with a charming set of soaps.

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